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Joint City Council/Planning Commission Study Session – General Plan Update. 


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Joint City Council & Planning Commission Study Session – General Plan Update 

Thank you for those that attended the Joint City Council & Planning Commission Study Session, held virtually on January 18, 2022. For those of you that missed it, or were unable to attend, the study session focused on the Millbrae General Plan preliminary public review draft Land Use and Built Environment and Economic Development Elements. The presentation can viewed by clicking on the link to the right. 

Preliminary Draft Streetscape Plan

The Preliminary Draft Streetscape Plan was released on November 24, 2021 for public review. 

The Streetscape Plan is a conceptual-level planning document that defines potential changes through streetscape design concepts for Broadway and El Camino Real. The Streetscape Plan was developed in conjunction with the Downtown and El Camino Real Specific Plan, and will be an Appendix of the Specific Plan.

The Streetscape Plan sets several objectives that will aid in implementing the Plan vision. The following are the Streetscape Plan objectives:

  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Accommodate multi-modal transit.
  • Create and identifiable character, including contextual pavement materials, furnishings, lighting, planting, wayfinding and public art.
  • Establish a dynamic and varied pedestrian experience.
  • Integrate green infrastructure and enhanced landscaping in medians and planter strips.

Notice of Preparation of Environmental Impact Report 

The City recently initiated preparation of the Environmental Impact Report for the Millbrae 2040 General Plan, Downtown & El Camino Real Specific Plan, and Associated Zoning Code Amendments. A Notice of Preparation was released on December 3, 2021, which provided notice for the public review period that ended on January 7, 2022. The City held a public EIR scoping meeting on December 16, 2021 via video conference to provide an opportunity for agency staff and interested members of the public to submit verbal comments on the scope of the environmental issues to be addressed in the EIR

The City of Millbrae Active Transportation Plan has been Adopted.

On October 12, 2021, the City Council passed and adopted the Active Transportation Plan. The Active Transportation Plan serves as the City of Millbrae’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The Plan’s multiple elements address the city’s existing bicycle and pedestrian conditions, the city’s needs, goals and policies to support a robust and comfortable active transportation network, additional recommendations at key locations, and implementation strategies for the proposed Plan. Use the link below to view the City Council Meeting:

The General Plan Update process started in 2015 as a comprehensive update to the existing General Plan, along with the Preparation of a Downtown and El Camino Real Specific Plan (originally defined as the Planned Development Area Specific Plan), and the related program Environmental Impact Report for CEQA compliance. Over the course of the following years, extensive community engagement occurred including a four-day Community Planning and Design Charette in November 2016 to help design the future of downtown and El Camino Real. The Charrette provided a unique opportunity for everyone who participated to be a co-author of the General Plan and Priority Development Area (PDA) Specific Plan.

In addition to the Charrette, the project incorporated a variety of Joint City Council and Planning Commission Study Sessions. The purpose of the Study Sessions was to provide an overview of the project, identify key steps, review the Vision and Guiding Principles, the Phase I Public Input Summary: Issues and Opportunities and Existing Conditions Report, and to get direction on the preparation of the PDA Specific Plan and General Plan Update.

A detailed Existing Conditions Report and a Report on the Phase I Public Input Summary: Issues, Opportunities, and Vision was published in August 2016. An Administrative draft General Plan and Downtown and El Camino Real Specific Plan was prepared for staff review in 2017, but the work was largely stopped in 2019 and was not restarted until now. The City has resumed work on the project to pick up where it left off and will include a General Plan Update, Downtown and El Camino Real Specific Plan, Active Transportation Plan, Housing Element Update, Implementing Zoning Code Amendments, and Related Environment Impact Report.   

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to having your help in developing the plan for our future

The Journey Begins Here


The General Plan Update is once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the next 20 years of Millbrae’s growth and change. This citywide process will create a new vision that is inclusive and reflects the needs and expectations of the community.  How can the City improve your quality of life? How can the City enhance public services and infrastructure? Where should people live and work within the city? How will changes in the city influence the future for your children?  With your participation, the General Plan Update will answer these and many other questions about our future!

The General Plan guides the physical development of the city. Its policies provide a framework within which the City Council makes decisions that are consistent with the community’s vision for the future. We want to make sure that Millbrae grows in a healthy, sustainable, and resilient way. In order to succeed, WE need YOU! Please explore our website for more information and ways you can engage in this important process. We hope you are a part of the City’s effort to craft the new General Plan for our community’s future.

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The General Plan Update Process

Phase 1: Project Restart

Phase 2: Downtown and El Camino Real Specific Plan (current)

Phase 3: Infrastructure Analysis and Financing Plan (current)

Phase 4: General Plan Policy Document (current)

Phase 5: Active Transportation Plan (current)

Phase 6: Housing Element  

Phase 7: Community Engagement

Phase 8: Program Environmental Impact Report  

Phase 9: Plan Adoption and Final Documents


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