In December 2015, the City entered into a contract with Mintier Harnish Planning Consultants to update the General Plan and prepare a PDA Specific Plan and Active Transportation Plan.  The aim is to have adopted documents by the middle of 2019.  There will be opportunities for the public to provide input throughout the process.

The major steps in the process are as follows:

millbrae_1Project Initiation – COMPLETED

During this phase City staff and the General Plan Update Consultants will lay the groundwork for a successful process. The Planning Commission and City Council will receive an overview of the process and provide the planning consultants with information on key community issues and future opportunities. The General Plan Team of city planners and planning consultants will formulate a robust community engagement strategy that includes project branding and a website.

millbrae_2Assess Existing Conditions – COMPLETED

During this phase the General Plan Team will review existing plans and collect new data needed to form the baseline existing conditions analysis for the General Plan. The General Plan Team will also engage the community to better understand what matters to residents. The goal is to get a good idea of where Millbrae is now and what kind of community Millbrae has become so we can have a clear starting point for envisioning Millbrae in the future.

millbrae_3Identify Issues and Opportunities, and Establish a Vision – COMPLETED

During this phase the General Plan Team will work with residents and community leaders, the Planning Commission, and the City Council to identify issues, opportunities, and assets, and establish a vision for the future. The community visioning process will include opportunities for the community to get involved by attending a workshop and participating in online discussions. This input from the community is essential for the next phases of the project and will be used to develop a vision of what Millbrae should become in the future. The General Plan will be the City’s tool for reaching that vision of the future.

millbrae_4Evaluate Alternatives – COMPLETED

During this phase City staff and the consultant team will work with community members, the Planning Commission, and City Council to develop, evaluate, and compare land use and policy alternatives. A key element of this phase will be a four day planning and design charrette during which community members will provide feedback on development options for key areas of the city, including the PDA Specific Plan Area. The culmination of this phase will be the selection by the City Council of a preferred approach to key land use and policy issues that will be the basis for new or changed General Plan goals and policies, the PDA Specific Plan, and the Active Transportation Plan.

millbrae_5Prepare the PDA Specific Plan – Summer 2017 – Winter 2019 We are here!

The General Plan Team will prepare a specific plan for the Milbrae PDA, which includes the Millbrae Station Area Specific Plan, the El Camino Real Corridor, and Downtown Millbrae. The overall objective of the Plan will be to capitalize on the Millbrae multi-modal transit station to enhance the quality of life in Millbrae through sustainable development and create an exciting place for people to live, work, shop, and play. The General Plan Team anticipates that the Plan will emphasize transit-oriented, mixed use developments that include housing, restaurants, retail, hotels, offices, and entertainment.

millbrae_6Prepare the General Plan Policy Document – Summer 2017 – Winter 2019 We are here!

Preparing the General Plan Policy Document includes reviewing and refining existing general plan goals, policies, and implementation programs, and preparing new goals, policies, and implementation programs. The goals, policies, and implementation programs will serve as the City’s blueprint for growth and development for the next 20-plus years. It memorializes all the decisions and directions made to this point in the update process and acts as the guide for how the City and community can achieve the vision for the future.

millbrae_7Prepare the Program EIR – Spring 2020 – Winter 2020

During this phase the General Plan Consultants will prepare the General Plan Program EIR (PEIR) to analyze the potential impacts of the Draft General Plan, including the Draft PDA Specific Plan and the Active Transportation Plan. The PEIR will provide an easy-to-understand overview of the impacts associated with implementation of the General Plan, the PDA Specific Plan, and the Active Transportation Plan so that decision-makers can make informed decisions about the policies and implementation programs.

millbrae_8Adopt Final GPU and PDA Specific Plan Documents – Winter 2020

During this phase the General Plan Team will conduct the necessary consultation requirements required by State law and prepare for meetings with the Planning Commission and City Council to review the Draft General Plan, PDA Specific Plan, and the Active Transportation Plan culminating in City Council adoption of three plans.

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